The following is the tentative agenda for the symposium. 

Friday, October 7, 2022, Feast of the Holy Rosary

7:00PM     Mass with Cardinal Mueller at the Cathedral

8:00PM     Reception with the Cardinal at the Logan Hotel

Saturday, October 8, 2022

8:00AM     Low Mass at the Cathedral

8:45AM     Breakfast at the Logan Hotel

9:15AM     Welcome and Introduction of the Symposium

9:30AM     First Address: The Hypostatic Union, History and Dogmatic Reality – Father Thomas Weinandy                           

10:15AM     Discussion Initiator:  Dr. John Cavadini

10:45AM     Break

11:00AM     Second Address: The Incarnation and the Theology of the Church – Cardinal Gerhard Mueller

11:45AM     Discussion Initiator:  Msgr. Hans Feichtinger

12:15PM     The Angelus

12:30PM     Lunch

2:00PM     The Third Address: The Incarnation and the Sacraments – Bishop Steven Lopes

2:45PM     Discussion Initiator:  Dr. Jessica Murdoch

3:15PM     Break

3:30PM     The Fourth Address: The Incarnation and the Eucharist – Father Romanus Cessario, OP

4:15PM     Discussion Initiator:  Father Reginald Lynch, OP

4:45PM     Break

5:15PM     Evening Prayer

6:00PM     Dinner

Sunday, October 9, 2022

8:00AM     Low Mass for the Participants at the Cathedral

8:45AM     Breakfast

9:15AM     The Fifth Address: Incarnation and the Priest as Persona Christi – Msgr. Michael Magee

10:00AM     Discussion Initiator:  Sister Sara Butler, MSBT

10:15AM     Break

10:30AM     Sixth Address: The Incarnation and the Moral Life – Prof. Dr. John M. Haas

10:45AM     Discussion Initiator:  Dr. Stephen Napier

11:00AM     Break

11:15AM     Seventh Address: The Incarnation and Eschatology – Father Mark Morozowich

12:00PM    Discussion Initiator:  Msgr. Michael Heintz

12:15PM     Concluding Remarks

12:30PM  Lunch and Departure