• cardinal muller, the neumann forum

    Philadelphia, PA.  The Neumann Forum (www.theneumannforum.com), a Philadelphia area non-profit cultural institute, hosted an international gathering of Catholic theologians, academicians, and philosophers who presented papers on the topic:  What it Means to be Catholic: The Incarnation and the Life of the Church. The Symposium was held in honor of Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, Prefect Emeritus of [...]

  • Cardinal Muller

    Cardinal Muller weighed in on Germany's Synodal Way in a recent interview with EWTN Vatican/CNA Deutsch.  The National Catholic Register summarized Cardinal Muller's remarks in a recent online article available here. Cardinal Muller, prefect emeritus of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has been a vocal critical of path being followed by Germany's bishops.  [...]

  • Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with devotional candles.

    August 15th marks the Feast of the Assumption.  On this day, the Catholic Church celebrates the end of the Blessed Virgin's life on earth and her bodily assumption into heaven. This feast day is a relatively new one.  But the history and mystery of the Assumption dates back to the early Church. Pope Pius XII [...]

  • Since the Second World War, Gross Domestic Product or GDP has been the key metric that all policymakers sought to increase. As globalization accelerated in the 1990s, countries have tried various liberalizing economic policy arrangements to increase their GDP and hence their wealth. While GDP is an extremely important metric when considering the development [...]

  • Sohrab Ahmari

    Sohrab Ahmari will be the 2022 Keynote Speaker at Regina Angelorum Academy’s Forward in the Faith Gala. Mr. Ahmari, a convert from secular Islam and atheism, is one of America’s leading Catholic journalists.  He served as the Op-Ed Editor for the New York Post, and has since become founding editor of the new online magazine Compact which launched in [...]

  • Cardinal Muller

    Regina Angelorum Academy hosted Gerhard Cardinal Muller, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Her Serene Highness Princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis on Friday October 22, 2021. Cardinal Muller and Princess Gloria are in the United States in conjunction with the publishing of His Eminence’s new book The Pope: [...]