The Neumann Forum unites and engages faithful Catholics who are dedicated to preserving and protecting the Catholic faith.

The Neuman Forum coalesces faithful and dedicated Catholics and engages them through initiatives aimed at defending and preserving the Catholic faith. Through the Neumann Forum, Philadelphia will become a hub of support for the Catholic Church in US and throughout the world.  Through the Neumann Forum, donors will support Catholic initiatives including pro-life organizations, Catholic schools, and traditional Catholic initiatives.

Everyone who breathes, high and low, educated and ignorant, young and old, man and woman has a mission, has a work. We are not sent into this world for nothing. We are not born at random. We are not here that we may go to bed at night, and get up in the morning, toil for our bread, eat and drink, laugh and joke, sin when we have a mind, and reform when we are tired of sinning, rear a family and die. God sees every one of us. He creates every soul for a purpose. He needs. He deigns to need, every one of us. He has an end for each of us. We are all qeual in His sight and we are placed in our different ranks and stations, not to get what we can out of them for ourselves, but to labour in them for Him. As Christ has His work, we too have our-as He rejoiced to do His work, we must rejoice in ours.” St. John Neumann

St. John Neumann

Catholic Tradition

The entirety of the Catholic Church has been given the gift of the Sacred deposit of faith that is contained in Sacred Scripture and Tradition. (CCC) This Tradition is the foundation for the Catholic Church’s teaching authority.

The tradition of the Catholic Church began with Christ Himself. He commissioned the Apostles saying “Going, therefore, teach ye all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. (Mt. 16:14-18). Christ gave His authority to Peter and the Apostles. The Church’s authority flows from this tradition and Christ’s commissioning of the apostles.

Preserving the Tradition of the Catholic Faith is to preserve the Church herself. The Church and her Tradition, and thus her authority, are under constant bombardment. The Neuman Forum aims to support the faithful in defending the faith and preserving the Tradition of the Catholic Church.

St. Athanasius

“Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are Reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ.” St. Athanasius

The Patrimony of the Church

The cultural and historical heritage of the Catholic Church is an essential component of the Church’s mission to bring people to Christ. John Paul II taught us that God is beauty. Our churches and Catholic institutions are filled with art that reflect the beauty of God. From the very architecture of Church buildings to stunning stained-glass windows; from beautiful altars to vestment and altar cloth, these works of art and these carefully crafted artifacts are window into the beauty that is God. Men and women have given of their time, talent and treasure to provide the Church with these items. These treasures are entrusted to our care.

Christian art in particular, an extremely important “cultural asset,” continues to render an extraordinary service by powerfully communicating the history of the Covenant between God and Man and the wealth of the revealed message through the beauty of tangible forms. In the two millennia of the Christian era, it has marvelously depicted the fervor of so many confessors of the faith; it has expressed the awareness of God’s presence among believers, and has supported the praise that the Church raises to her Lord from ever corner of the earth. The cultural heritage has proven to be a remarkable record of the various moments of this great spiritual history. St. Pope John Paul II

saint pope john paul ii

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