Cardinal MullerCardinal Muller weighed in on Germany’s Synodal Way in a recent interview with EWTN Vatican/CNA Deutsch.  The National Catholic Register summarized Cardinal Muller’s remarks in a recent online article available here.

Cardinal Muller, prefect emeritus of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has been a vocal critical of path being followed by Germany’s bishops.  Recently the Vatican offered a specific response to Germany’s “Synodal Way,” clarifying that it is not authorized to compel bishops to new doctrine or different church practices.

The Holy See’s statement reinforces Cardinal Muller’s much more detailed critique.  He noted that it was the “birth defect of this [the Synodal Presidium]  body” to set itself up as a vanguard of the Church. Cardinal Muller said, “Revelation is entrusted to the Church for faithful preservation, and not, as the Synodal Way meant at the beginning, that this virtually randomly assembled body somehow has the right and authority to override the Church’s sacramental constitution and reinterpret Revelation according to its meaning.”

He went on to add, “The Church is founded by Christ, cannot be reformed, is unsurpassable; only we can go the way and must go the way of repentance and renewal.” The cardinal also said “We must reform and renew ourselves in Jesus Christ and thus give the answer to the challenges of today.”